Local Natural Environment

Our wonderful natural environment includes many bushland reserves, and many other pockets of indigenous vegetation, supported by the Maroondah Council, surrounding Councils, Parks Victoria, Melbourne Water and many local community groups.

For more details about Maroondah bushlands and reserves see:
Maroondah's Natural Environment, or explore this list with links:

Alto Reserve
Alto Avenue, Croydon
- Wicklow Hills ridge
BJ Hubbard Reserve
Between Evelyn Road and Kubis Drive, Ringwood North
- A tributary of Mullum Mullum Creek
Bungalook Conservation Reserves
Tereddan Drive, Kilsyth South
- A tributary of Dandenong Creek
Brushy Creek Linear Trail
Manchester Road to Maroondah Highway, Croydon North
- On Brushy Creek
Candlebark Walk Reserve
Croydon Hills Drive, Croydon Hills
- A tributary of Narr Maen / Jumping Creek
Cheong Wildflower Sanctuary
Eastfield Road / The Pass, Croydon
- Wicklow Hills ridge
Dandenong Creek Trail
Chandlers Lane to Wantirna Road, Wantirna
- Dandenong Creek
Eastfield Park
Eastfield Road, Croydon
- On Tarralla Creek, tributary of Dandenong Creek
F.J.C. Rogers Reserve
Canterbury Road, Heathmont
- Wicklow Hills ridge
Grandfill Reserve
Webster Avenue, Croydon
- Wicklow Hills ridge
HE Parker Reserve
Heathmont Road, Heathmont
- Dandenong Creek
Heathmont Rail Trail
Bedford Park, Ringwood to HE Parker Reserve, Heathmont
- Ringwood Lake to Dandenong Creek
Heathmont Reserve
Canterbury Road, Heathmont
- Foothills forest
Herman Pump Reserve
Royal Avenue to Myrtle Avenue, Heathmont
- Foothills forest
Hochkins Ridge Flora Reserve
Holloway Road, Croydon North
- Wonga Park ridge [also Parks Victoria]
Jubilee Park
Greenwood Avenue, Ringwood
- Dandenong Creek southern fall
Loughie’s Bushland
Kubis Drive / Glenvale Road, North Ringwood
- A tributary of Mullum Mullum Creek
Mullum Mullum Creek Trail
Highland Avenue, Croydon to Sherbrook Avenue, Ringwood
- Mullum Mullum Creek
Mullum Mullum Reserve
Mullum Mullum Road, Ringwood
- Mullum Mullum Creek
Narr Maen Reserve
Narr Maen Drive, Croydon Hills
- A tributary of Narr Maen / Jumping Creek
Ringwood Lake Park
Maroondah Highway, Ringwood
- A tributary of Mullum Mullum Creek
Tarralla Creek Wetlands, Reserve & Trail
Hewish Road, Croydon to Dandenong Creek
- On Tarralla Creek, tributary of Dandenong Creek
Warranwood Reserve
Bemboka Road, Warranwood
- On Narr Maen / Jumping Creek
Warrien Reserve
Warrien Road, Croydon North
- A tributary of Brushy Creek
Wombolano Park
Canterbury Road, Ringwood East
- Wicklow Ridge
Yarrunga Reserve
Barwon Court, Croydon Hills
- A tributary of Narr Maen / Jumping Creek

Nearby Manningham bushlands and reserves:

Mullum Mullum Creek Linear Park (MMCLP)
Donvale to Yarra River, Templestowe
- Mullum Mullum Creek
Yanggai Barring Linear Park
Homan Court, Warrandyte South
- Tributary of Andersons Creek

Nearby Whitehorse bushlands and reserves:

Mullum Mullum Creek Linear Park

Abbey Walk and Campbells Croft Reserve (WCC) Antonio Park (WCC) Heatherdale Creek Wetlands (WCC) Yarran Dheran (WCC)
Yanggai Barring Linear Park


Nearby Knox bushlands and reserves:

Bayswater Park (KCC) Mansons Reserve (KCC) Yarrabing Wetlands (KCC)

Nearby Melbourne Water wetlands and reserves:

Winton Wetlands (MW) Liverpool Retarding Basin (MW)

Nearby Parks Victoria bushlands and reserves:

Koomba Park (PV)
Mullum Mullum park

Local environmental volunteer groups

Many local residents are helping to manage and improve the habitat and connectivity of our natural environment. Learn more, participate in activities, and join in with one of the existing natural environment community groups or start improving the habitat in your local area, by contacting the Bushland Team at Maroondah City Council (9294 5677) to discuss how you can help.

Some of the groups are listed here with links:

Croydon Conservation Society
Contact: president@croydonconservation.org.au
First Friends of Dandenong Creek
Contact: ffdc1999@gmail.com
Heathmont Bushcare
Contact: heathmontbushcare@gmail.com
Ringwood Field Naturalists Club
Contact: info@rfnc.org.au
Warranwood Reserve
Contact: warranwoodres@hotmail.com
Warrien Reserve
Contact: friends@warrien.org

Local Nature News

Keep in touch with Maroondah Bushland Team, bushland knowledge, and bushland activities by viewing or subscribing to Marondah Nature News.