CRISP Management Team 2022

CRISP is an not-for-profit association incorporated in Victoria.

CRISP is managed by a committee elected each year by its members,
aided by a Nursery Manager, and a Community Development Worker.

  Nursery Management: Annette O'Sullivan
    Stephanie Dean
    President Ken McInnes
    Vice President Alan Bowes
    Secretary Anne McLean
    Treasurer Lloyd Smiley
    Deputy Treasurer Michelle Woodman
    Members Vicki Currie
  Magazine Editor/design: Linda Hibbs
  Website manager/design: Ken McInnes

Code of Conduct

CRISP aims to provide a safe, respectful relationship between all people and organisations. Our Code of Conduct outlines behaviour expectations of all employees, volunteers and visitors, to help ensure that we can provide a healthy and safe workplace for all.

We network widely with many groups and organisations, so the links below are to help support and strengthen that network.

Maroondah City Council - Community Groups List
Australian Plants Society - Maroondah Group
BirdLife Australia - Nunawading
Croydon Conservation Society
Greening Australia
Landcare Victoria Inc.